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A lot of exciting thins happening in the world of dinosaurs - base goal reached! Stretch goals! A playable demo!

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Greetings friends!

It's been a little while, huh? Even though it's a fresh new IndieDB page, you might remember us from our previous game, Zniw Adventure! In case you missed the news - we already started working on the second part in Zid and Zniw Chronicles series, titled Zid Journey!

That's right! The cartoony dinosaurs will return in another 2D point 'n click adventure! Join Zid, a young dinosaur from Magmosia, as he tries to reunite a Daspletosaurus hatchling with its lost parents, while also uncovering his own mysterious origins!

Expect lots of Saturday morning cartoons/comicbooks charm, frame-by-frame animations, even more locations to explore and many prehistoric animals to meet along the way! And don't worry if you haven't played Zniw Adventure yet - even though it's set in the same world and timeframe, it's not required to play our previous game to understand this one. Zid Journey was designed with both newcomers and veteran fans in mind!

To help with the development, we decided to head over to Kickstarter this time around to acquire necessary funds in order to continue the production. We were absolutely delighted when the game was funded in less than 8 hours! Currently we're less than 1000€ away from hitting the very first stretch goal - German and English translation at launch!

If you'd like to support us, feel free to visit our Kickstarter campaign page! We have some nifty digital and physical rewards for all the dino fans prepared too!

Already funded!!!

But wait, there's more! You can start your very own Journey right away with a playabe demo of Zid Journey! It's available on Steam for all platforms (Windows, Linux/Steam Deck, MacOS) for you to enjoy!

Zid Journey (1)

Zid Journey (2)


...and yes, you can pet your tiny backpack companion!


Phew, and that's all the news we wanted to share with you today! Thank you so much for all your lovely support, and until next time, friends!

ramiroRa - - 2 comments

Looks really good! I especially like the cartoon style! It is possible to make a spanish language localization?

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