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Post news RSS world streamer is a tool that can export to any engine.

Trying to push my patron - I am making gamedev tools that export to other engines besides UPBGE and also trying to push the limits / extend upbge itself

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some of you may have seen my new work on a world streamer in the upbge - 0.3.0


the neat thing here is this is BPY meshes, and the import / export pipeline works :D

we can create / edit terrain and export right to ue4/unity/godot/amoury :D

it's all vertex color driven and I will do a tutorial series on crafting shaders that use it.

please put money in hat
I would like to do this full time.

I made this from scratch and A* for bpy meshes.
In 6 days......


Big thanks to Panzergame, LordLoki, Youle, Moguri, Kupoman and all the blender devs.

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