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We are currently working on a new DM/TDM level that will be of dynamic nature allowing for more intense combat. We are also developing 2 new weapons and replacing our whole HUD to give players a better feel and sence of recognition when looking it it.

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The new Deathmatch level is going to be great fun! Grinders rotating around both the center and outer edges in separate time intervals will force players to play differently depending on what the current state of the level is. Powerups will be situated at key locations and will prove to be quite powerful in securing those extra points.

Our new weapons are also coming along nicely. The Tesla Cannon is almost complete and you can check out the concept image in our media library! The second weapon is undisclosed so far but you can say it will rain down hell on your enemies :)

Thats it for now! Stay tuned for more videos and pictures!

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