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Post news RSS Wooo! ScourgeBringer is on Steam!

Discover the fast-paced roguelite platformer ScourgeBringer, today officially revealed with a first look trailer from independent developer Flying Oak Games, coming on PC. ScourgeBringer aims to channel the mystery and rawness of an early Metroidvania, with fluid controls, fearsome bosses and a punchy soundtrack. It follows the adventures of Kyhra, who must descend deep into a dungeon within an Eldritch monolith to uncover secrets guarded by ancient machines.

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Hey Bringers!

We are super pumped to finally unveil our new game that we are making with sound designer Joonas Turner and publisher Dear Villagers.

ScourgeBringer is a super fast-paced rogue-platformer. You can image it as a blend between Devil May Cry and Celeste. You can jump around, climb and slide on walls, and slash, dash, smash, blast ALL THE THINGS!

Discover our reveal trailer to celebrate:


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You will get the chance to possibly join the alpha / beta of the game and interact directly with the team!

We're looking forward to show more content and blast our way through Steam!



This looks fantastic. Can you beat the greatness of Dead Cells? Or will it be quite different in original ways? Those are the questions! Anyway, your cartoony and slightly retro graphics style is spot on. Going to follow this closely.

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Hey! Dev here.
Pfeww, comparing our game Dead Cells is quite cool. We are trying to be different, it's true that our game is also a platformer, but we hope to bring something different than Dead Cells. Something more Devil May Cry-y, and less metroidvania-y.
Beside the gameplay, if we manage the match the quality of Dead Cells, that would be super awesome. We're working hard toward that quality focus.

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Cool! I can't wait to see what you bring to the table :) it looks really awesome already though

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