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The Wolf Truce event has kicked off! Join your enemies to fight off roving packs of hungry wolves! During this thrilling event, Tannenberg is available at a 55% discount on Steam!

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Roving packs of hungry wolves roam the Eastern Front, looking for prey, looking for you!

How will you deal with them? Will you make a truce with your enemy and drive these canines off, or will you use the chaos that ensues to press on?

The Wolf Truce is back; a new opportunity for players to earn the Wolf Truce's special ingame medals. The wolves are more aggressive than ever, killing you in 2 bites instead of 3 and you can’t outrun them that easily anymore! Any battle played can quickly change when these packs appear, forcing players from both sides to work together to fend off these attacks.

That’s not all, aside from the truce we also made several fixes and improvements such as a more lenient AFK time in private and public matches. For a full overview of all changes and fixes be sure to check out the changelog here.

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