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Spinosaurus finally playable; special things coming next.

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retro spino

I know everyone's been waiting for it and here it is. Our Retro Spinosaurus inspired by popular film. Progress through Baryonyx and Suchomimus to play as this bipedal carnivore.

utah up close

The Utahraptor has been out for quite some time, but never-the-less packs a punch - just be sure to group up with friends!

Allo Puerta

Puertasaurus is playable again! The titan may be slow, but they are tough to bring down. Get a birds-eye view as others make fools of themselves at your feet.

What else is already here?

Hatchlings. Yes, you read that correctly. Nesting and hatchlings are currently being tested. If enabled on servers, players will start as tiny hatchlings and have to survive long enough through juvenile and eventually adulthood. Once you reach a certain point, you will be able to build a nest.

young shant

What's coming?

Ambush mechanic will be in testing soon. All carnivores have three variables as follows:

  • Ambush Crouch Duration (How long a carnivore must be crouching in order to take off in an ambush)
  • Ambush Duration (How long a carnivore can run at ambush speed)
  • Ambush Speed Modifier (How fast the ambush speed is)

Giganotosaurus. This one will surly test the abilities of even the strongest apex predator.


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Loving it!

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