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Guild Of The Small will be releasing a new demo sometime in early January. Here is a peek into the new content.

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There's still quite a way until the release of the next demo for Guild Of The Small, but looking back at the progress, it looks to be a very different experience. In a good way, I hope!

Lots of new features are coming in this release, including the groundwork for:
- MULTIPLAYER. That's right, the next demo will be playable single player or with as many as four people simultaneously!
- ITEMS. Find items throughout the levels and equip them for customization.
- SKILLS. Play the character you've always wanted to! Mix and match skills to meet the needs of your party! Or just get a ragtag team of ice wizards together. It's all good.
- SAVE/LOAD AND WOLRD PERSISTENCE. Your characters should hopefully be saved and then loadable on subsequent plays.

And more! Check out the following short teaser trailer for Demo v0.2

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