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T.E.T - The End Times is a reboot of my original zombiesmod this reboot adds so much more than before. 3 new races with unique traits and units. Each week starting next week I will be spotlighting 1 nations progress. Below is a list of all currently planned Units(Note For some races there are many missing units as I am still in the early stages of development) and races.

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Infected animals: Fast, Large in numbers, of no use against armored units this unit will be primarily used to flank enemy forces and cut off their supply lines.

Zombie: Your basic combat unit, of no use against armor they however are fast to produce and cheap in manpower cost.

Zombie Soldiers: The backbone of any Zombie force these Zombies retain some of their motor function and will still grip and use the weapons that they had as soldiers, meaning that they have the ability to combat vehicles and infantry to a much greater degree than your baseline zombie.

Hive Guard: More info soon

Hive swarm: More info soon

Hive beast: more info soon




Mother-ship: Massive, slow almost indestructible, massively destructive, able to transport large numbers of troops only gained by an event.

Assault Cruiser: Heavily armed air transport.

Cruisers: lightly armed air transports

Foo Fighter: lightly armed escort UFO

Abductors: lightly armed bomber UFO

Destroyers: Slow, Massive ground damage low air defense.

Space Clearer: Slow, Massive air damage low ground attack.

Hauler: slow, weak transport Massive carry wight. This will be a must for cross continental invasion.

Land Units: More info coming soon.

Cult of the Old One


Initiate: Fodder fast to produce providing they have enough manpower

Acolyte: Humans given a taste of the old one's power.

Priest: Humans who have mastery over the small amount of power given to them by the old one. While very powerful they are small in numbers.

The old one: A Massive almost unbeatable naval Unit only obtainable through events.

And Many more.

Other Points:

All races will have their own bookmarks however there will also be one called the End Times featuring all 3 races.

The races will all have their own government types.

All Races will have unique play-styles.

Zombie= Hoard

Alien= Wave based reinforcements and mostly Air units.

Cult= Multiple locations world wide that will open portals once taken bringing in massive reinforcements.

I am also open to anyone offering Art or help.

LoveTheDonut - - 75 comments

This sounds awesome... I'm glad you are back and that you continue developing :)

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keyersuzi - - 116 comments

Its great too see you back man!

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Avenger1312 Author
Avenger1312 - - 90 comments

I am glad to be back Life kinda fell apart for me for a bit but I am back and inspired expect more news on the mod soon

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hereformods1 - - 4 comments

first of all let me just say that this mod is looking pretty gnarly as is. but will you be able to play as the humans and will it be compatible with black ice. stay groovy

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