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The new expansion Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour will improve many areas of the game. Expanded espionage system with new and reworked missions including new covert operations that can be performed on the map and new battle plans mode where you can load historical plans, draw your own and share with allies in real-time during multiplayer.


  • New unique elite units for each major nation's army - Ghurkhas, Rangers, Imperial guards etc.
  • Deeper naval invasions system with the possibility of developing specialized landing and assault crafts to improve effectiveness.
  • More detailed control over strategic warfare and a generalized lend-lease system for lending your industrial might to allies.
  • Leaders are now able to gain traits and allocating them is more important than ever with a new combat tactics system.
  • A new custom game mode for single and multiplayer where you start with a clean slate and can instantly produce units, research technologies and affect political alignment, speeding up the early years for those who would like to jump straight into the action.
  • Two new detailed battle scenarios, the Finish Winter War and the Spanish Civil War
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It is done, the first version after ~5 years.

The newest AHOI-Mod "Treasure-Chest 4.05 reday for download:"
AHOI Mod Treasure Chest  405
(Click on the wrench above for the latest version.)

The last Ahoi-Mod was the version 4.04 from Dec 22, 2015! I did work on the mod since, but didn't kept note of the many changes. Below you find at least the changes from this summer of 2020 and all that I wrote down for the previous versions.

Generally seems SOV to bee much harder to defeat. The mud-events give you 2 times a year a logistic hell and movement is slow. Also it will stall even the fastest Computers. Maybe put down game speed and hope for better weather.
Also generally I propose to save every 6 month and reload the game. Best to restart the whole game, as that seem to bring new life to the ai. Also don't forget to check the other major powers like USA/JAP/ENG/SOV/GER to see if the ai felt asleep there. Check the stance of teh Theatre HQ's, and if it is "prepare" you can wait forever for the support of e. g. the USA.. Sadly this is tied to the strategic ai and can't be modded.

“Patchlog 4.05:”

Production limit in the unit files gone because it is partially buggy
Changes in production-ai, should build slightly more cav-units
Aditionally SOV build some less MIL units overall
Fixed a bug in SOV production of MIL
Fixed a bug in production ratio for Corps-units

Railroad is faster to build but takes easier damage, repairs faster, max 5 Infa with 10 buildings
Infra is slow to build but is taking more damage and slower rebuilds, max 10 Infra with 10 buildings

Connection between Stranaer(ENG) to Larne(IRL) is gone. Transports needed now. ENG was buiding up way to much units there for nothing..
Bornholm lost its harbour. With harbour it is a potential target for stupid ai invasions.

Militia_infantry is gets a research bonus from infantry theory and intantry_practical, changed to militia theory and militia practical.
Infantry_activation is a 1910 tech, but requires inf:militia_infantry-2 a 1930 tech- changed

SWE will not allow military access that easily anymore
But look at GER invading NOR from 2 areas:
Norway 2way invasion
JAP is preparing earlier a war in the pacific
ITA will prepare earlier for a war with FRA
ITA will mobilize sooner
ITA will attack GRE only after YUG is gone
SPA will join axis if London has fallen, ENG is axis or SUEZ is under axis control

All old paradox double entries deleted
All entries according to later scenarios deleted
Some empty double provinces deleted

The old manpower help decsions is gone
Maginot and Czechia fort reduction altered – more forts remain

Hvy tanks have some less org-simulation of increased maintenance

“Patchlog 4.04:”
All over all I’m not quite sure what much I did since last official version of 4.02c. I was in a major overhaul as I had to stopp modding in October 2015 and now just wanted to share what I’ve done since. Lets have a look at what I remember:

12,232 changed files
Many of them only provinces wich got railroad switched with roads to trick the engine. Infra lvl wise nothing changed. trick didn’t work so I need to do it the really hard way and implement anoter more work intense solution. But then we’ll get also highways and maybe another type of railway that was only “planned” by Germany..
All you need to know is, RR give actually the old Infra bonus from roads and vice versa!

But also:
-MAN should now declare war against NatCHI and Japan only fully joins in later.. I had also done quite some province changes, e.g. in China to help the ai do a more historic war over there. But it is not done/balanced yet.
-OOB’s were adjusted
-Techs slightly adjusted
-Added some of deltablues additions for unit modells.
-Added some of deltablues techs pictures for some techs.
-Added “Hjalfnars Marine update” for better historical ship start techs.
-Added some own changes for FRA ships according to “Hjalfnars Marine update”.
-Tweaked unit upgrade paths
-Changed some dependencies path drawings in Pz-Tech screen
-Changed production limits of units to work some better.
-Tweaked some techs stats(start date, gains).
-Units give more practicals so you don’t loose to much production experience anymore.
-Unit counters got new wooden look
-Changed loading screens again, other cool pics..
-Changed some text for UI.
-Tweaked some values in static_modifiers
-Tweaked some values in strategic_resources
-Tweaked some values in defines.lua
-Added some events to help divide Yugoslavia between axis powers to prevent supply problems.
-Added Rasputitia. You will have two times a year a severe problem with suppy in center russia because of the mud season.
-Added Huang He flooding. As CHI flooded the Huang He river to slow down the JAP adavance, you and the ai can do that now too.
-Added a new system on how to install the mod to have it easier for all of you to install the mod and being sure to have it done right.

And propably much more..

Patchlog for 4.03:
Is included in that of 4.04.
Older patchlog can be seen in the readme.txt..

Patchlog for 4.02c:
-Changed loading screens again, other cool pics..
-Added description(tooltips) for new buildings
-Added description(tooltips) for new buildings decsions
-Fixed some typos and oddities with some technologies wich were reported
-Added some bonuses for techs that were only prerequisite and had only malus so far.
So with some produktion techs you get now boni and also can reduce the build cost/build time of units. So no longer 4 years builds for modern ships, but 2 years are possible now with the right techs.
-Added ship gfx for naval combat view.(MTB, all carriers, PocketBB)
-Added gfx for new buildings in production view
-Fixed percentage values for max amount of units being buildable.(Paradox bugged it, so that needed a workaround..)
-CGM-Mode should work now with all countries.
-Switched gfx for pause/speed up/speed down, so that is usabel as before again.
-Added first changes for Models and pics of those(Still very generic..)
-Changed slightly the dynamic ai decsions
-Production ai slightly changed to have more land units build earlier, and have a better building for minors.
(Overall less ships will be build.)
-Changed sunk ship list font colour to white again.
-Changed some dmg modifier for air combat critical hits(nerfed it ab it)
-Raised new leader org hit and some more little tweaks here and there..
-Some more I didn’t wrote up..

Patchlog for 4.02b:
-I hope I patched all reported bugs.
-Counters changed to have no more borders around them.
-The new feature of TFH of Penetration/Armour are implemented.
-The new feature of TFH of Tactics is implemented(Doctrines)
-Some technology errors solved.
-Some technology balancing.
-Technologies like WW1 planes are now integrated. (WWI Scenario will be added some later..)
-Changed productions Lua.
-New buildings are finally in:
If you build a port or airport, you get a naval base/air base for free every two steps via decsions you can take.
Military buldings can be build faster then the civil part, but military bases are needed for rapair/refuel, civil buildings add IC/Infra.
Railroad networks are added. A railline is easier to be bombed/dmg in fights but allows more supply.
Heavy Industries will later be tied to production capabilities of tanks in the same way as ports/airports needed for air/sea units.
-CGM-Mode should work now with all countries.
-Some more I didn’t wrote up..

Feedback wanted!
I'm still just one person doing this. So you help me much with just pointing out to things you find worth mentioning.
Please help and add a note here in the forum about what you would like to do, so we don't have unnecessary double work. To have all feedback focused in one place please use this forum:
In the file "AHOI-Technology help.txt" you can read how easy it is to add new descriptions for techs and add pictures for them.
It would be nice if you can help me with the descriptions and techs for the tech-tree. Maybe you can just take a branch you like. Thats not hard work but much if I do that all alone. A little how to was done and some already helped with this. A very big thank you to all who helped me so far! Still it is much left to do. Just let me know that you like to help. You can use the forum above, or use another forum, facebook, twitter..

Have fun with the newest version of the Ahoi-Mod - Treasure Chest 4.05!


The Road to 1.0

The Road to 1.0

Texas Rising 2 comments

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Modern Warfare Beta 6 Release Date

Hearts of Iron III: Modern Warfare 5 comments

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Modern Warfare Video Dev Diary

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Modern Warfare Beta 6 Features

Modern Warfare Beta 6 Features

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An overview of the main features in the next update of the Modern Warfare mod.

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hoi3byzantine 1.0

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rauzy - - 211 comments

hi, I play with small nations, type Luxemburg, Albania etc..., I wanted as get the units of nations conquested?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Samsid - - 112 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
chinaglory - - 1 comments

But it cannot describe truly what happened in China during the war. In the game, there isnot Xi'an Incident, Chiang Keiz-shek always surrenders after several mounths from Marco Polo Bridge Incident. The CPC evev will not join the war! Mao Zedong and his the eighth route army and the fourth route army cannot do anything. The units of KMT are too less to fight against Japanese. A Chinese mod, Historical Memory, describes these truly. I hope these problems can be sloved in HOI4. Thanks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Santtu0000 - - 20 comments

Yay finland.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
markae - - 3 comments

This looks to me to be a very detailed extension to the original game. My interest is in the Far East, in particular Japan, but also China. However, it seems to me to be almost impossible to progress as Japan past the Marco Polo bridge incident. There are simply too many Chinese units from all allied nations, with defensive and indeed offensive capabilities that seem to me unlikely. Or the Japanese units simply are not strong enough for some reason. I played building the Japanese army on the basis of cheat codes to a phenomenal strength and even then it was not strong enough to beat the Chinese past Beiping. Playing as Nationalist China is equally as unrewarding, being easily beaten by far superior Japanese and allied forces (the Manchurian forces do very little when playing as Japan). So I think there is an Ai issue to be resolved in these cases.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Fauerholm - - 124 comments

Have to agree on this, only way I ever saw Japan win was putting their AI up a notch.
I even tried to supply them with 500IC and a hefty group of light and mountain infantry, but even with a substantial Expeditionary force from germany, not to mention complete blockade of china and constant terror bombing the progress was negligible. :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Samsid - - 112 comments

Seriously? I know this is old, but I have almost never witnessed a case where the Japanese are defeateed, even without my own help.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
nitrate55 - - 60 comments

They probably already fixed it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
louby33 - - 1 comments

will this be compatible with TFH 4.02

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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