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An explanation of what Dink is and what to expect from it.

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What is Dink?

Dink is a puzzle based platformer with story and collectathon aspects akin to Zelda, Mario and Fez. Dink is the name of the main character, also.

What can I expect to see in Dink?

First, explore a rich and vibrant underground series of caves where Dink lives. Along your way, you will encounter various characters, enemies and objects that will teach or hint you about the story of the place you're in.

After learning of a threat, you must venture into several hostile areas each with their own aggressive inhabitants and puzzles. Use your resources and allies to aid you through these and collect the treasures inside.

Throughout your journey, you will be collecting Nuggets. There are a few different type of Nuggets.

  • Normal: These appear in common places around the world.
  • Secret: These appear in places that you will recieve hints for from various objects and people.
  • Challenge: These are locked in puzzle rooms that have a short time limit.

Completing Dink will take hours of your time and transform it into fun and love for Dink's world.

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