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The developers at Hanako are curious as to what clan you will associate with once the game is released.

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Here is a description of each clan. Make sure you subscribe to receiving messages from the Hanako Messenger over at our Official Page (see right tab) that pertain to each clan and also to receive exclusive content not available anywhere else!

Hanako Clan
White, Dark Red, Gold
Description: Residing in the serene area of Mount Yari, the Hanako Clan lives honorable, spiritually-centered lives being well-skilled with their use of Kai yet still fierce with the blade. They are led by the wise Daimyo, Hanako Tsuyosa. He is both a zen master and fearless duelist highly respected by allies and enemies alike. His greatest desire is for peace among the clans but he is a great target of both Yamai and Anokoku Clans. He is also father of the young, arrogant heir Hanako Kan.

Matsumoto Clan
Colors: White, Orange, Black
Residing in the suburbs of Edo outside of the Nagano prefecture, the Matsumoto Clan lives an extremely balanced lifestyle being skilled both spiritually and with the blade. They are led by the young Daimyo, Matsumoto Makoto. He is an admirable strategist and believes strongly in defending the capital and Emperor over all else. Their greatest foes are the Yamai Clan however they often times cross paths with the Hanako Clan over the valuable Nagano Hills area.

Yamai Clan
Colors: Black, Blue, White
Description: Residing in the Osaka prefecture, the Yamai Clan lives a brutal, scrappy lifestyle often resorting to any means necessary to be victorious in battle. They resort very little on spirituality and lack honor on the battlefield. They often resort to the hiring of assassins from the Anokoku to do their bidding, especially for attempted assassinations of rival Daimyo. Their leader, Yamai Tokugawa is merciless and will do anything to restore the clan to honor. He is more feared than respected but there's no doubt peace will not be restored to Japan as long as he is living. The Yamai Clan is war-torn and their village struggling for survival in the face of constant battle. Besides often associating with the Anokoku, every clan in the land stands in their way including the Anokoku when they're not on the job.

Anokoku Clan
Colors: ???
Description: No one is entirely sure where the Anokoku Clan resides besides the members of the Clan. Rumors say that it lies somewhere in the forested regions south of Yamai territory in the Osaka prefecture but to this date no samurai have been there. They are skilled assassins that have no mercy and will take any job. They too wish for power over the land so they often scout battles between the other samurai clans and take it upon themselves to interfere with other clan affairs. Their leader simply goes by "Kage," the formal title for the ninja-equivalent of "Daimyo."

What clan suits you best?

theM3nace - - 331 comments

Are you kidding me, Matsumoto, what else

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Guest - - 695,733 comments

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hogan_skoll - - 359 comments

ever read "the nightingale floor"? and its sequels - theyre well worth a read, yoiure reminding me of them

oh yeah and blatantly anokoku

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