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We figured it's about time we start getting some active player feedback and so we're going to be opening up our test map for people to try out what we have so far!

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Hello everyone!

We have reached the decision that it's time we get more outsider opinions on the project. We will have our tutorial level ready soon but, for the time being, we figured now was a good time, and so we give you all access to our very own test level where you can mess around with what we have so far!

For our features we have:

-The enemies with all their behaviours done: The looter will look for loot and attack on sight. The armors and wisps will patrol their respective areas and if the armor spots the player it will attack. (Player death not included just yet).

-Three artifacts which perform different abilities when activated, using up Shade: Shadow Dagger creates an area of darkness, Shadow Mat muffles your sounds, Shadow Rush makes you unaffected by light and increases your speed.

-An inventory system that allows you to carry two artifacts at the same time and swap which one's active.

-A system that detects when the player is in light.

-Loot that will increase your score scattered around the level, with a chest also containing loot.

Next up we're planning on adding a way for the enemies to listen to the player's footsteps!

Please download your game in our itch.io leave your feedback about the test here.

-Francisco Fonseca

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