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Post news RSS Weekly Update: 2-4-2020

A weekly update from Twisted 2 Studio on their creative process, direction, and progress towards their debut with Dark Fracture.

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This week, as ever, we have toiled away to bring you this first taste of the world we are creating. By forging new assets in the fires of our processors and tinkering with ideas and improvements to our story and the gameplay that is so intimately linked to it. And of course, with each week that passes us by we come closer and closer to throwing the gates open for the first-ever release of our game into space as public as the internet.

This week we have carried on our path. Both in terms of spreading the word more and more as we go along and of course in growing our asset base. Polishing gameplay elements and our presentation. Which include things such as UI and even the few opening screens when our players would first boot up the game. Which of course is an endeavor involving both art and music. As does all that would surely follow.

We have also begun delving a bit deeper into the world beyond. Into visuals less of this world and more of another. So that we would, eventually, be able to share more and more of the horrors we envision. The horrors we wish to share with you all. Terrors visual, audible or both.

But such matters aside. The wait for the first taste we have in store is indeed growing shorter. Though we cannot yet commit to a specific date. As in these troubled times, we certainly have seen our share of delay. We still feel comfortable enough to share a rough estimate. That within the next two or three weeks we would be ready to unveil our work. And let our first pre-alpha build out into the wild to bare its fangs. Which would greatly help us gather data about them.

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For this week's tease, we would share with you a few images. A familiar procedure by now where we would unveil to you pictures from what's to come. For you to feast your eyes upon what would soon be. And to archive what was. As we the game continues to evolve and change.

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