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We are very excited to announce our first steps in this project, with some early concept art for the main character. The art style we will start with. The importance of a production planning to us. And some notes from our Programmer about mechanics.

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First of all we want to thank you for showing interest in the beginning of our project as this is our first article.

We will be posting a new article every week about the situation of the game we are developing. The main topics that are going to be discussed are: art style and direction; difficulty and programing optimizations; level designing and production milestones.

So let's get started with what our artist - Ricardo Santos - has done, and some pointers where he was based of:

The 1st out of 3 characters conceptualized The 2nd out of 3 characters conceptualized

The 3rd out of 3 characters conceptualized

  • Weapon with slash feeling;
  • Badass;
  • Invincible in a fast way;
  • Short hair or long hair for a clearer impression feeling.

Three characters, and yet three diferent fellings, each one in its own style. We need to think about what they can give us.

Still in the art chapter we wanted to show you the art style we will begin with.

Moebius: Floating citadels and all-city planets

Moebius: Floating citadels and all-city planets

Now, because this is our first time doing such a project it is very important to keep things organized, and so here it is our production planning sheet.

foto inicio planeamento

So far there is almost nothing in here, but as we go and have better knowledge of how things work and go we'll have it full in no time.

From our programmer there is still a need to study if certain mechanics are viable to implement due to time constrains.

So far it is all.
Hope to see you next time.

Zapowa Games team!

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