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A quick look at the weapons in Ironguard - starting with the Scatter Blaster, Beam Rifle, and Grenade Launcher.

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This will be the first in a series of posts about the weapons in Ironguard where we'll take a quick look at 2-3 weapons from the game & explain their primary and alternate fire modes. At this stage in development we have 5 weapons implemented with another 12 planned for the full release.

Scatter Blaster

A short-ranged weapon that excels in close-quarters.

Primary Fire: Heavy damage in a cone. Damage is based on proximity to the target.

Alternate Fire: A long range power-shot which explodes and deals damage to enemies in a small radius near the impact point. Deals less damage than the primary fire.

Beam Rifle

A powerful energy weapon for taking out tough enemies. Correct use of the heat mechanic is essential for making the most of the beam rifle.

Primary Fire: A powerful beam that pierces through enemies, accumulates heat with each shot. Heat depletes slowly and overheating causes the weapon to become unusable for a short time.

Alternate Fire: A slow moving ball of energy which deals damage over time to nearby enemies and bounces of walls. Shrinks over time until the energy ball dissipates. Size & damage is based on the accumulated heat of the weapon, disperses all heat when used.

Grenade Launcher

A powerful risk-reward focused weapon that deals high splash damage - even to yourself.

Primary Fire: A bouncing grenade that explodes shortly after the first bounce (or immediately upon contact with an enemy). Deals a large amount of damage in a small radius and can hurt the player as well.

Alternate Fire: A cluster grenade which splits into 5 grenades on contact with a surface or enemy.

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