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Post news RSS We NOW have achievements in Rise of Humanity: Prologue on Steam!

Liberating humankind from the oppression of machines has just gotten even more exciting. We’re thrilled to share that we’ve put some brand new ACHIEVEMENTs in our game, Rise of Humanity: Prologue!

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At the moment, there’s 12 of them in total, but we’re still planning some more and of course our newly released Early Access game has a bunch of additional ones for the new characters, new levels and the new skills you’ll be able to unlock.

Just to name a few examples:

  • You can become a Card Collector if you loot five cards, and you’ll also get an achievement badge once you’ve managed to collect 1000 scrap (the currency in our game.)
  • Become a Treasure Hunter by looting a rare card (for example a Trick Shot or Get Close & Personal) or a Foxhound by destroying an enemy with Hunter! There’s also an achievement if you slay one of the malicious bots with our other hero, Memory, in the Prologue.
  • To get the Carpenter’s Buzzsaw badge, you’ll have to finish the second level in the Lumber mill.

There are some more tricky ones as well, such as:

  • Killer Skiller: to get this honourable title, all you have to do is collect 10 skillpoints.
  • Glued together: this achievement you can get if you merge or upgrade a card in the Hideout. Easy peasy, right? Not really, since in order to merge cards, you need to loot specific ones that you might not come across in a game. For example, the recipe for a Run & Gun card includes two Fire Pistols and one Run card as ingredients.

Can you manage to get ALL OF THEM? Let us know in the comments!

If you like the Prologue and you’re curious for more, you can now get the newly released Early Access game on Steam - it is on SALE until 28 October!

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