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Post news RSS We made it to the top 100!!

We made it to the top 100, and that's thanks to you!! Now, we need you guys to vote one more time!

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We made it to the top 100!!

Hello everyone! First of all, we want to thank you for all the love and support. Thanks to you, Pankapu is now part of the top 100 Indies of the Year, and that's super awesome! Thank youuuuu !!

Now, we need you one more time! We need you to vote for Pankapu one more time!

Indie of the Year Awards

Main features

Today, let's remember what makes Pankapu so special for 90s lovers and new players too!


In Pankapu, you may only control one character, but you can have up to 3 different Aegis (the third one will be available in episode 2), acting like jobs! They have very different gameplays, so make sure to try them all!

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User Posted Image

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Wondering how you can change Aegis? Well, that's very simple! You can switch Aegis as you want, in real time! So you can personalize your strategy!

For instance, if a boss gives you a hard time by hitting you, just use the Ardour Aegis (the green one, who uses a bow), so you can attack at long range!

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As you know, Pankapu has some RPGs elements! And that's why you're able to upgrade your weapons! So, you can choose the one you prefer!

User Posted Image


We wanted to give you guys a small bonus gift for voting for us last week! So, here's one of our favorite concept arts! We call it "Never give up" :) Enjoy!

Never give up

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