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Warfront Concept 1.7 is out. This is just a very small demo to demonstrate the very basic structure of this project. If you would like to join the development or give feedback/ideas please do so!

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The goal here is to develop an awesome action packed and fun filled arpg with longevity. Creating a community with ideas and a vision is the first step so I'm reaching out to all hack n slashers, anyone who loved diablo lets make ARPG's Great Again! lol jk.

In all seriousness if you would like to help in the development of this game please let me know atm it's just me. I would love for people to give feedback, ideas. With a strong community we can actually make a game we all want to play and have fun while doing it!

You can view our video playlist on youtube:


This is giving me some real Diablo vibes, the atmosphere of it. The lighting and the audio seems quite spot on. Have you come this far with content all on your own?

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Nazban Author

Music Source: Ross Bugden
If the project gains traction and gamers would actually like to play this I would like to pay him to do our sound track. Sticking with the diablo sounds and feels.

The items you see in game are place holders and come free with the unreal engine. The actual player is the default player in the engine and the zombies are just a pale green instead of white.

Creating new content is not a problem but it is a slow process. At this early stage I'm more worried about the core functions and making sure everything will be able to scale and work easily as this project grows.

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