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This is the VR Fun World Release Announcement. Check out the store page at the top of the article.

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Huh? Release you say?

Yes! It’s time for our first release (ever!) by the name of VR Fun World! In our VR game created for the HTC Vive VR Headset, players can visit 5 action packed and exciting islands, Trainers Haven, Mighty White Peaks, Woody Meadows, Strategists Perch and The Isle of Sands. Mini-games can be found on each island which the player can explore and have some fun with.

Store link: Store.steampowered.com

So… how did we get here?

That’s a good question and let me tell you, it has been quite a journey. Development of VR Fun World started back in May of 2016, and like we mentioned earlier, it was our first official game. Along the way a lot was learned, mistakes were made, fun was had. Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games (pun intended). We had our fair share of challenges along the way. Figuring out the best way to implement these new types of controls which the Vive makes available to control the in-game mechanics. Submitting all required documentation for the Steam approval process also took a little longer than anticipated. However! We made it.

I’m intrigued, tell me more about this game!

I’d love to! The game consists of 5 islands that players can visit. The first island, Trainers Haven is where you can learn to hone your VR skills. Once you have mastered the training you will be free to roam around VR Fun World and explore the islands below:

Trainers Haven

Basic Training

Is it your first time using VR goggles? Then you should give the training a try. Here you can train without a time limit, shooting targets and getting used to the physical effects. Or just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Isle of Sands

Pumpkin Basher

Do you have a grudge against pumpkins? Looking for something to take it out on? Or just want to find out if you or your friends are better at swinging that baseball bat? In Pumpkin Hitter you stand on a platform, your goal? To hit the pumpkin as far as possible with your bat. The further you hit it, the more points you earn.

Desert Walk

Summer, sun and walks on the beach... It could be so peaceful, was it not for the chirping of the birds and a lot of bottles left behind by some tourists... During your stroll on the beach, the goal is to shoot as many of these bottles and birds as you can. Your reward? Climbing the scoreboard to glory of course!

Bird Hunt

The funfair is not in town right now but you still want to go to the shooting gallery or knock over some cans? Why not do both? The goal in Bird Hunt is hit as many birds as possible before the timer runs out. Each of the three birds has a different point value. For this mini-game, you will require endurance, cunning, and speed to ultimately beat your friends.

Catch the Ball

You've already cleared the beach during Desert Walk, but what are these pipes for? ...and why do you have a pan in each hand? ...Aha! Catch all the balls, place them in the box and rack up your points. Simples! Beware however, you won't be able to catch all so choose wisely to maximize your score. Hopefully, your skills will be better than your fellow players.

Mighty White Peaks

Explosives Range

This is a game our developers really enjoyed making (and playing!). You get to choose from three explosives which you can light using a supplied torch, then throw them at the targets moving by and watch them go BOOM! It is also possible to use the explosives as mines, only lighting them when the time is right for the best results. This allows you to apply tactics to the way you approach this mini-game.

Self Defence 101

Not for the feint of heart! It is dark, windy and a snowstorm blows. You have nothing but two weapons with attached flashlights, and your back to the wall... All around, feisty creatures are trying to get a piece of your flesh. Should you manage to beat ten of these creatures you'll get a special weapon for a short period of time, and trust us you'll need em. The goal is to survive as long as possible.

Bottle Drop

A game for those with a quick trigger finger. Bottles are thrown at random from above. You as the player stand below and must try to shoot as many of the falling bottles as you can. Climb the scoreboard and beat your fellow gamers.

A Growing Concern

This game here is something for the pros. In this mini-game, you will have different colored balls which are ever expanding. You can get more points for some colors than for others. In addition, the smaller the ball, the more points you earn. So, you'll need to be quick at hitting the newly spawned balls before their points value decreases too much.

Woody Meadows

The Sorting Pipe

This game requires both cunning and dexterity to ensure that all the balls are matched to their correct baskets. With a good strategy, your points score can be mighty!

Avoidance Training

Thinking of taking a walk in the park? Think again! This ain’t your average neighborhood park, you gotta dodge things, grab coins and make it safely to the end with your loot and head still intact.

Stream Picker

Is that a stream? What is that floating there? In Stream Picker, your goal is to catch as many of the good balls as you can, but be careful, not all are good and some are best left untouched.

Graveyard Shift

You wake out of a deep sleep. You still feel dizzy. Out of nowhere you hear growling all around you. It draws closers and closer. Suddenly you realize that you are in a graveyard, being attacked by skeletons and zombies. You quickly grab your guns to try and defend yourself. Should you manage to beat ten enemies you'll get a special weapon which lasts for a short period of time, but provides you with an unknown power boost.

Strategists Perch

Safe House

This time you are not in immediate danger. However, a horde of monsters is making its way towards your safe house. You suddenly realize that not all of the oncoming enemies are out to get you, but some are humans being followed by these creatures. Help them to get to safely into your safe house but don't let any zombies get by. Beware, however, as shooting the wrong target may land you a deduction of your points.

Chess birds

Crazy Chicken is in the past, now you can go hunting for birds with VR Goggles. With Chess Birds, you need to shoot down as many birds as possible before the time runs out. Each of the birds will provide a different number of points when shot. The goal is to achieve as high as score as you can.

Bottle Range

The objective here is time! You will also need a precise aim. The goal is to shoot all bottles as quickly as possible. Be the quickest and top the scoreboard.

Some additional really cool features!

  • A Local high score to keep the competition going even when you are offline.
  • Steam leader board so you can see how you rack up against other fellow VR gamers.
  • Achievements that keep you coming back for more.
  • Haptic feedback!

We want to say thanks!

First, of course, we want to thank you, the community for all your great feedback and support during our development. We also want to thank our friends and family who have been putting up with our craziness and supporting us through all of it. And last but not least, congratulations to the team at toxicbrain for their first official game release.

The toxicbrain Team

@daschatten who was the main developer on the project and who put it all together.

@OnceAgain for his work on our social media, community and creating some awesome trailers.

@Fail2Reap for creating some pretty cool artwork for the game and Steam.

@yoda who helped out with some 3D designing of assets for VR Fun World.

Should you want to come hang out with us sometime or have some questions about the game be sure to visit our Discord server over at Discord.gg and also our forums at Forum.toxicbrain.eu

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