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Finally, after a year and a half of development, Void Marauders is available for purchase on Steam as an Early Access release.

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After a year and a half of development, Void Marauders is finally available on Steam. You can get it here:

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Now it begins the Early Access process where I hope I can get enough player feedback to take this game in an interesting direction but even without feedback I have several ideas about content and features that I would like to add to the game.

Status of the game

Currently the game has 4 soldier classes, a basic skill tree, basic items, weapons and enemies and a functional campaign of 6 systems + 1 last battle.
One feature that I promised but it's not yet ready is the Dynamic Rivals, I still need to fix some issues but my first priority now is to get this feature in the game. Of course, players can always ask me to change my priorities with their feedback.

What's After that?

Once that is done I should start working in new content (combat scenarios, weapons, items and maybe a new soldier class) and "combat depth". Currently the missions are limited to "Kill All Enemies" types of objectives, I want to add more objectives like disabling enemy ship systems, raiding locations before a timer runs out or reinforcements show up, bounty hunting, etc.

While this games takes major inspiration from XCOM it also takes some inspiration from FTL by having procedural systems with random encounters in order to increase replayability.

Thanks for reading and I hope you still enjoy the game at this early stage and if you want to support me further please consider leaving a review, that helps a lot with visibility. And if Early Access is not your thing please consider adding the game to your wishlist.


P.S.: here's some art of The Omen, the ship you'll be chasing:

The Omen

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