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VISUAL UNIT UPGRADES. Simple peasant militants change from wearing rags and farm tools to sharp and deadly halberds, chainmail and actual metal helmets.

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Two words: VISUAL UPGRADES. It's a feature a lot of RTS fans want. Seeing your simple militant go from wearing rags and farm tools to sharp and deadly halberds, then chainmail and actual metal helmets feels great.



In Godsworn units and buildings can be upgraded by granting them better gear or giving them a blessing from the gods. The upgrades available to you depend on the divine hero you have chosen. Some heroes have unique upgrades, allowing for new uses of the same unit. For example, the Warrior by default has an upgrade for glistening armor and the relentless passive ability, allowing them to fight on at the brink of death. Meanwhile, the Warriors of Meness gain the upgrades to learn pack tactics and equip the wolfblades.



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