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GODSWORN is a fantasy real time strategy game set during the Northern Crusades. Take control of a divine hero, gather worshippers, rally great armies of mortals and mythical creatures, and crush your enemies to prove you are worthy!

The wild pagan lands have been under the watchful eye of the gods for as long as time. The arrival of a knight order bearing the banner of heaven threatens to upset the uneasy alliance. Will the realm burn, or will blood of both divine and mortal be spilled to protect it?

Divine Heroes and Abilities - Master the various divine heroes, each with their own set of abilities. Heroes gain unique units and buildings in addition to the ones from their faction, making each of them have a unique playstyle. Protect your followers and burn your enemies with the light of the sun as the goddess Saule, or strike in the cover of darkness as the moon god Meness. Or join the order and smite the heathens as the archangel Michael.

Build and Be Worshipped - Devoted followers will flock to your shrine. Have them gather resources and build cities so you can raise great armies for battles to come. Protect them while they pray to grant you faith, a powerful resource used for mythical creatures and god powers.

Co-op Campaign - To unite the pagan tribes, take up arms on your own or with a friend in a campaign with optional co-op. The campaign follows the Baltic pagan struggle against the crusades. Can you bring unity to the feuding pagan gods before the armies of heaven arrive? Or will the land be torn asunder for your pride?

Join our official Discord: Discord.gg

Or visit our site for more information: Thunderoakinteractive.com

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Hey everyone! An update from the Godsworn team on how it’s coming along.

We did more than 3 weeks of playtest + demo, thank you to everyone who played and gave feedback, hope you had fun! It was very good to see people coming back for more.

Now, with all that playtesting, we got a lot of good feedback. With this feedback in mind, we looked at our planning and what features we want to be in for Early Access, and have decided to move the Early Access release to Q1 2024.

We understand that for some, more of a wait is not great news, but this does mean the release will be in a more polished state. This does not delay the amount of work for 1.0, the total stays the same, effectively shortening the time spent in Early Access. For the sake of transparency of why we are delaying Early Access, we will outline our plans for the whole game.


For Early Access launch, this is in the works:

  • Baltic and Order factions, both will be playable in skirmish and challenge maps.
  • 4 heroes: Saule (sun goddess), Meness (moon god), Michael (leader of heaven’s host) and Ausrine (dawn goddess).
  • Around 5 campaign missions that can be played single player or co-op. The campaign is from the perspective of the Baltic faction.
  • 10 skirmish maps. A variety from 2 player, up to 8 player maps. These will come in a variety of gameplay flavors, with some more thematic and asymmetrical, while some more balanced.
  • 2 challenge maps. Custom maps that have a specific thematic objective, such as wave defense.
  • A big list of QoL improvements and polish.
  • And of course we need to make a trailer!

During Early Access:

  • 1 additional skirmish or challenge map per month until full release.
  • Potentially adding 1 or 2 additional heroes, via adapting campaign specific heroes to skirmish.
  • UI updates.
  • Graphics optimization.
  • Improved animations
  • Group movement.
  • AI improvements.
  • End of match stats.
  • Localization community support.
  • Visual improvements on units and buildings.
  • More PvE map content, such as spawners or structures with effects.
  • 2 additional thematic environment sets.
  • An even bigger list of QoL improvements and polish.

1.0 launch:

  • Baltic campaign, around 10 missions, fully voiced.
  • 6 to 8 playable heroes.
  • 20+ skirmish or challenge maps.
  • Languages localization.
  • UI visuals overhaul.


All of these are quite some time away, so please note that planning is subject to change. And of course, based on the success of Early Access, we might decide to add more, such as hiring additional people to make a level editor or other cool features. But for now, this is our plan for each of these stages of development.

We will be back to showing development screenshots on Discord, while keeping the bigger updates to a minimum, to simply focus on development for a while. See you around!

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Campaign of Godsworn

Campaign of Godsworn


Details on the campaign of Godsworn. Co-op, EA missions, meta progression, history and myth, cutscenes.

Peasants and Crusades

Peasants and Crusades

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Crusades are not just won on the battlefield. One should not forget all the supplies, funding and training knights require. So let us explore how you...

Godsworn playable Steam demo is live now!

Godsworn playable Steam demo is live now!


We have finally made a teaser trailer for Godsworn, to coincide with TactiCon! The Steam festival and playable demo are officially up! ⚔️

Challenge Maps & Playable Demo

Challenge Maps & Playable Demo

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Hey folks, we are glad to announce that Godsworn will be part of TactiCon 2023 with a playable demo on Steam! The event will take place May 11-15. Additionally...


This is based on mythology of all three major Baltic nations? Latvian, Lithuanian and Prussian?

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JackdawAviary Creator

Yes, we try to take inspiration from many different tribes of the Balts, whatever we can find, with Latvian being easiest to access because I can read it. Estonians, especially Livs, had similar clothing and a closely tied history, so some of their influences are also used.

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Looking forward to this a bunch, love the art direction and visuals, not hyper detailed, the graphics are very charming

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+rep for including lithuanian mythology. Can't wait to see more!

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Wow, looks so cool!

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