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A brief update on the status of Red March's development on today, Victory Day.

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Victory Day 2016 update
Dear fans! Today is Victory Day, and we take time to remember the feats of our ancestors.

We hope that will be no more wars like the Second World War. We must remember the horrors of the war to prevent a recurrence of this nightmare, caused by the Nazi threat. This is one of the many reasons why we work on Red March - we try to show just how terrible the last World War in history of mankind, if it happened, would be, as well as the logical outcome of the thirst for unthinkable weapons that appeared during the Arms Race in the Cold War.

From greetings, I turn to news regarding our development.

Our development has somewhat stalled. We are closely watching the fate of our beloved RTS genre and trying to find new and interesting ideas that could revive it. Yes, the RTS genre has proven to be half dead of late, but hope still remains, while others such as Rogue Republic, Ardent Seas, OA.D. and Global Conflagration carry on their work.

Our team is also going through difficult times because of the financial crisis in many countries, so most development is carried out in the free time of a small handful of people.

For a long time now, we have reconsidered the old developments in previous years, trying to find our own style, keep the recognizable features of the design of the 1960s and organically weave fantasy elements, at the same time keeping the same overall seriousness.

Art-lead is a very important part of the early stage of development of any game. Therefore, we pay a lot of visual design time and effort to perfecting it, and we are constantly looking for new ideas and inspiration. Our main artist TugoDoomer, has over the past two years has had a lot of work to do, so we have also sought other artists. We are pleased to introduce you to another of our artists and their concept art - Konstantin Fedorov!

Victory Day 2016 UpdateVictory Day 2016 Update

Rough sketches of Pact nuclear powered airships

(various types, such as anti-navy, dropship, guard, AA defence and just unknown).

Victory Day 2016 UpdateVictory Day 2016 UpdateVictory Day 2016 Update

Victory Day 2016 Update

Sketches of various defensive structures, mainly to the Pact.

Victory Day 2016 UpdateVictory Day 2016 Update

Rough sketches of supply depot structure - key object on the map, the source of resources for players.

Or it may be a Pact supply yard.

Also, last year we started to cooperate with other enthusiasts, one of these being Harry Wilson aka Harry the Fox. His sketches and ideas give us a lot of inspiration.

Victory Day 2016 UpdateVictory Day 2016 Update

Various ideas for recon drone design of Warsaw Pact faction.

Victory Day 2016 UpdateVictory Day 2016 Update

Attempts to find design for Pact elite Guards infantry.

His great work has helped us to refine the design of our Pact Super-heavy tank. Pre-final concept arts of his unit was drawn by TugoDoomer and based on Harry’s sketches. Later, we will publish a detailed article about the history of this unit, which will show the long route it has taken from the first sketch to the latest concepts.

Victory Day 2016 UpdateVictory Day 2016 Update

Keep in mind that this concept arts are not all the absolutely final version, and at any time, they can be slightly adjusted. Moreover, later we will be changing overall looks for factions and trying to unify styles. This is a particularly complex and important part of the development, when bringing together work from artists with different styles for the same projects.

We thank Harry and Constantine for their support to our project.

That's all for today, do continue to follow our development!

With best regards, Red March team.

P.S. Are you a Modeller or Coder who has worked with Unity? We would love to have you on our team. Email Zeydissa@hotmail.co.uk to apply! Или, если вы русскоговорящий, пишите на почту watchdream@gmail.com!



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Great to hear you're still around. Happy V-Day!

That Pact Super Heavy Tank looks like a fresh take on the classic "Mammoth" style vehicle. Your concept art team are on form as usual.

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Good job!

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Great designs ! Please post more videos if you have some...

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