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Footage of the small progress I've made with my current project, Enter the 8-bit.

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Enter the 8-bit Fist is a pseudo 8-bit beat-em-up/platform-adventure game to be released for the PC. Like all of my other games, I'm developing it entirely by myself and will be composing an 8-bit soundtrack on my own. The song featured in this video is one of my attempts at punk rock and will not be part of the game's soundtrack.

Going a little further in-depth in a cheesy sort of way, this game is quite a bit more sentimental than any of my previous releases. It'll be heavily based on my experiences playing in local bands throughout my high school years with many aspects looking back at my days as a skateboarder. As a time period that I had been fortunate enough to thoroughly enjoy, they are experiences I would really like to share.

Since I am translating those experiences into a pseudo 8-bit beat-em-up/platform-adventure game, influences from the "K-Fight" concept of Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School (a manga series I read during those years) will be present. Inspiration from anime that I've been recently enjoying as well as martial-films is probably worth mentioning.

Being a successor to The Way of the Pixelated Fist, Enter the 8-bit Fist is a prequel with its events transpiring during Dag's adventure in Jump/Boxer, although the setting is of a different country in Enter the 8-bit Fist. Essentially, what's being covered in Enter the 8-bit Fist is what some of the characters introduced in The Way of the Pixelated Fist were up to before meeting Dag.

Combat and platforming will be handled a bit differently from the previous titles in the series and I have noted some of the feedback those received. As of posting this, this footage covers about all of the progress I have made so far.

Although it is still very early in development, I have to ask with the utmost kindness (as kind as one can possibly be) to please refrain from sending messages offering any sort of contribution in any form to my project. I know it sounds very cheesy to explain how I do like to express myself through my games but it also extends to my personal need to have every bit of control over everything the players sees, hears, feels, the gameplay mechanics, the levels they play, and any other aspect involved in making my games. Everything I do under my pseudonym, Blaze Epic, is done entirely on my own with the only exceptions being collaborations with vocalists on my music (kept entirely separate from my games). I do apologize, sincerely, for coming off as rude in any sort of way in explaining my whole (cheesy) Blaze Epic artistic thing. ^-^

To clarify the spelling error at the ending of the video, "Enter the 8-bit Fist" is a game by Larry Stover (Blaze Epic) and is Copyright 2016 Lawrence Howard Stover Jr.

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