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I'm a solo independent game developer and electronic music artist whose given name is Larry. Before developing games, I began using Blaze Epic as a pseudonym for my solo music project, starting out with two EP's, an LP, and a few covers of songs from video game soundtracks before a regrettable phase of rapping with comedic intentions. While a majority of the aforementioned had been made available for download, I'm not fond enough of the material I haven't kept public. I still try to play around with music but since shifting my focus towards game development, I had carried the name over as an independent game developer.

If you're looking to contact me in regards to contributing work to a current or future project of mine, please do refer to the blog below before messaging me.

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Although I would be appreciative of anyone’s interest in working with me and contributing to my current project (I had just begun developing HIKIBYOU2 a day before re-posting this blog on my Facebook profile!) or a future project of mine (while being entirely aware of the small likelihood of anybody having the interest to do so), I sincerely ask with the utmost kindness to please refrain from sending messages offering contribution in any form. Also, I do apologize for coming off as arrogantly rude or offensive in any way. I should probably mention that much of the text beyond this paragraph feels very corny to explain but it is something I would feel way too anxious about if left unsaid/un-typed/unwritten/etc.

For as long as I exist, game development (as well as any art I create) is something I am only willing to do by accomplishing every task and handling each aspect entirely by myself. I do so to immerse the player in my mind through the use of my artwork, music, programming, levels, stories, and every aspect involved with the intention of essentially taking over a player's sight, hearing, and feeling. When considering video games as the only medium that I’m aware of where such a thing is possible, making it a very expressive form of self-expression and an entrance into my mind, providing this sort of experience can only be achieved when working solo.

I actually do enjoy doing every aspect and task necessary to develop my games. It’s quite difficult for me to get bored when there are noticeable differences between the performances of the various tasks required. Admittedly, there aren’t many simple aspects involved in game development but I find that it’s way too rewarding to accomplish such tasks while enjoying how intense it can get during the process. Essentially, one thing I enjoy most out of being a solo game developer is how it amounts to a fairly busy lifestyle with quite a bit of variety.

Since I was very young, I’ve always liked doing various forms of art and eventually took interest in computing. I enjoyed drawing, wrote a few short fanfics in elementary-school, tried to novelize a story I wanted to use for a JRPG while I was in middle-school, skateboarded throughout many of my middle-school and high-school years (giving me a perception highly influential to my approach when designing levels), aspired to be a professional mangaka in high-school, played in a few local bands in high-school and for a bit afterwards, took up pixel-art and programming shortly after purchasing a laptop, then went solo as a music artist before becoming much more serious about developing retro-styled games. I’m only willing to go about game development when handling every aspect entirely by myself since it is a medium that combines all of my interests and experience, being something I definitely would not like to give up.

In regards (without giving away too much of the plot) to the imposter mentioned in Hikikomori No Chuunibyou, I’ve become suspicious of someone trying to claim credit for my work and, in a few ways, I’ve used that game to express how obnoxious dealing with an imposter could get. While I cannot actually confirm that anyone had been trying to claim credit for my games and such (as of posting this), there were a few clues that have raised my suspicion and probably some strange amounts of paranoia. Additionally, the profiles/accounts/pages/etc. with a username along the lines of Blaze Epic, blazeepic, BlazeEpic, or blaze_epic that are actually handled by me are linked to through my website (blazeepic.com), linked to through the pages that are linked to through my website (although I do have an account with TIGSource forums, GameMaker Community, and the Indie Game Magazine forums that I haven’t used since finishing Nil-Ninjahtic: Ronin), and my Steam profile (which may be somewhat unnecessary to mention since it is linked to and from my website/email/etc but I might as well list it since the links aren't as direct and conspicuous). Also, there is only one email address (blaze_epic@yahoo.com) that I may be contacted through in regards to anything related to my games.

Lastly, I’m going to mention, once again, how cheesy much of this felt to type but it felt much more necessary to do so. I also feel way too cocky for doing so and boasting honestly isn’t my intention but I do apologize if I’m coming off as rude or offensive in any way. There’s a bit more that I could add but some of it may have already been covered in other posts of mine while the rest isn’t as necessary to bring up in this post.


This additional statement is probably going to sound obnoxiously arrogant and I am trying my hardest not to be nor sound cocky but if I ever do change my mind and choose not to remain solo (as a game developer and with everything else I do as an artist), I would delete this blog and post a new one with information regarding the matter in a timely manner. Again, I do realize how arrogant I seem by posting this but I courteously hope this blog helps anyone reading it understand why I choose and intend to remain solo as a game developer and with everything else I do as an artist.

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