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The DevDiary of Version 0.2, for P.U.R.E. This explains the new updates, and future updates for P.U.R.E

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DevDiary 0.2:

  • New Main Menu Look/Style
  • New Gun! The Assault Rifle (GunFast_02)
  • Multiplayer Development Started
  • Loot Tables Refined
  • UI Bug Fixes
  • Main Menu Interface is still being worked on, will be fixed in later version, for now it is a bit wonky.
  • New Zombie! The Zombie Boss has entered your world!
  • Working on new Build-Ables : Defense Spikes | Floor | Large Chest | Door Frame | Door | Window Frame
  • Adding a Store System. You will be able to buy VIP Membership for better loot chances on the New Map that is coming soon, and it will give you early access to Experimental Builds.
  • Zombie Chase Behavior is being worked on, adding a Memory Time, Chase Time. So the Zombies are not super annoying.

UI Fixed!

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