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Game Features:

  • Multiplayer (In Development)
  • Inventory/Crafting System.
  • Sleek User Interface.
  • Map Selection System.
  • Dynamic Day/Night System.
  • Unique Zombies/AI Behaviors.
  • Unique Weapons/Attachment System.
  • Hunger/Thirst System.
  • Multiplayer Map will be Open World!
  • Driveable Cars (In Development)
  • Achievement System.
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Getting Ready for Multiplayer Release!:

  • Developing a Leveling System.
  • Create a Room, Join a Room.
  • Server Browser.
  • Working on Dedicated Server tool, probably won't be released until version 1.0!
  • New Zombies/Classic Zombies optional.
  • Press M to view the map.
  • Chat Box. Type to other players.
  • Direct Communication. Dynamic Voice tool.
  • New Weapons. Attachment System will be in development when Character Editor is complete.

Looking for Developers:

Job Criteria

  1. Must have valid previous work to submit.
  2. 3 years+ experience with Unity/Unreal Engine 4/Coding Java or Csharp.
  3. Must have Animation/Model Creation Experience.
  4. Know how to work with other people.
Version 0.2b

Version 0.2b


User Interface is fixed. In game the User Interface feels like its in front of you which is a good thing. Player Model Developed and is getting ready...

Version 0.2

Version 0.2


The DevDiary of Version 0.2, for P.U.R.E. This explains the new updates, and future updates for P.U.R.E

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P.U.R.E Demo Version 0.2b

P.U.R.E Demo Version 0.2b


Here is some fixes I added into the game for consistent problems.

P.U.R.E Demo Version 0.2

P.U.R.E Demo Version 0.2


This is the P.U.R.E Demo Version 0.2. This is so Players can get an early look at my game.

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