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The cosmetic update has improved Sprites, paperdolls, NPC's and more.

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[Image: o_B6_To_LW.png]

Beyond v0.3.1 Cosmetic Update

Greetings, today I am showing you the biggest and best graphic overhaul since the start of Beyond Online. All character sprites have been enlarged alongside weapons, shields and literally everything else, the old sprites were much smaller


[Image: 349173662b3148a1a455e698c69c4879.png]


[Image: b6e3475658a94672b8d19d0498691f66.png]

As you can see they're much bigger and the customisation's on the characters are much more expanded than they previously were, as well as the paperdolls (Custom ones were also added):

[Image: 17561c880e59463bb6ec170e28c885a8.png]

All helmets are being replaced with Facemasks:

[Image: d82b6ac1bee34d319a4bce314b526641.png]

[Image: 5aa44cd7de5a44ea9013d17a286159ec.png]

All armour types are now all custom made. Which is great for the game as it adds a unique aspect, as well as this.. it allows me to create more, various types of armour/clothing.
* Tweaked Server Sided Connection (Faster connection)+ Sprites+ Character Creations Sprites+ 4 Hidden Quests+ GUI overhaul
Small update, but it's big in its own way.

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