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An update on how the game is progressing and shaping up for the Swedish Game Awards.

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The amount of hours we've put in lately into this game is insane! We've listened to the feedback from the Swedish Game Awards Conference and resolved most of the game breaking bugs that were present in the previous alpha version. We spent a lot of time adding in the crucial features and polishing the features that we implemented earlier.

We're really exciting to see what you think of the game when we release our second update video hopefully this week. This final month before Swedish Game Awards is mostly about polishing the stuff we have and trying to get a solid version ready for display. Here are some of the most important things we added since the last update video:

  • Sounds (shooting, explosion, ambient noise, explosion, music and more)
  • Particles (muzzle flash, water drip, wind, grenade explosion and more)
  • Decals (bullet holes, asphalt holes, litter and more)
  • Buildings
  • Replaced all placeholders with proper assets
  • Generic map detail
  • Drive-by van and car
  • RPG air-drop
  • Added a mugger npc who will randomly appear and try to kill the players
  • Camera improvements
  • Environment improvements
  • General polishing and optimizing
  • First iteration of the games's main menu

These are just a few of the many things we added and we hope you like the way the game is shaping up. We are going to play test the game before the competition to ensure there are as few bugs as possible and that it is as much fun as possible. Feel free to follow our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and this page for more updates to come!


Glad to hear it! I'll be starting my amnesia mod after graduation. How about your rat game? Are you guys ever going to finish that?

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Zatchie Author

It was our first project so we were probably a bit too ambitious with it, however it was a really good project to learn the tools and the engine but we thought it was better to start fresh. When we have more experience it might be worth to go back and remake it, for now we're just focusing on Turf Wars.

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