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This update is gonna be HUGE! So after working with the first version i decided that i didn't really like it so here we go, i remade pretty much everything from scratch!

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Hello there!

So, after i worked for around 3 months on the game i didn't really enjoy what i had going.. So after a lot of consideration i decided to remake it all from scratch and now im very happy!

After many hours of working and tweaking i got a basic terrain which i think looked good. i also remade the hole terrain generation with the trees and rocks. But here is a list of things that is getting changed / added / removed :

  • I've added 6 type of trees with ageing which means that trees can spread naturally thru other trees and grow thru game time.
  • I changed generation for rocks / stone so they are more randomized but also isn't spawned like before where there was loads of rocks.
  • Added camera blur
  • Added sun shafts
  • Added swimming and also underwater camera

Here is things im gonna add :

  • New villages with npc's
  • Quest giving npc's
  • Caves / Mines
  • and a lot more!

Thanks for reading this article and don't forget to add feedback if there is something you would want to see in a game like this but also if you would change anything! I take everything in consideration :)

~ Lunix46 / Introlab Media

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