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I have completed the models and scripts of the following objects: - Usable Computers - Enemies with line of sights - Usable and Lockable Doors Additional objects that are completed but are not mentioned are: - Player character and Player Scripts - Level Change Trigger - Goal Trigger - Event Trigger - Temporary Save System and Menus My next goal is to finish some unit movement and stealth mechanics. This will give me everything I need to publish a demo for you guys. Hopefully, very soon.

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Hey Everyone!

This is a quick update on my progress so far. So far the following have been modeled and their code has been completed. Doors, Computers, and Enemy Units.

Be aware that these models and code are a work in progress. Again, these are not the finished product at all. They are just place holders. The code is also subject to change.

Enemy Unit with a Line Of Sight and Level Change Trigger

Capture3 1

Model of a Usable Computer to download from

Capture3 2

A usable Door with its Event Trigger and the Player Character next to it

Capture3 6

The Door Script

Capture3 7

The Computer Script

Capture3 3

The Enemy Script

Capture3 4

Additional Enemy Script

Capture3 5

So far progress is steady. I want to have a demo up and running soon. However I can't give any release date on that yet.

My next goal is to work out the movement and some stealth mechanics.

This way I will have everything I need to ship a demo out for you guys! Hopefully that will be soon.

I hope to hear from you guys and if you have any questions feel free to post them here! I do get to them within a day or 2.

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