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The first step in vehicle customisation is here in Flashing Lights!

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Hello all,

Flashing Lights' June update is now live, introducing the vehicle lights customisation system, as well as a selection of liveries for police vehicles.

With it comes a bit of news regarding the June update. We were originally planning to include vehicle lights customisation (lightbars, grill lights etc) as well as vehicle lights pattern and colour customisation this month. In order to allow developer Nils more time to work on the major background work, we’ve re-arranged our plans a little:

June update (out now!):

- Vehicle lights customisation (lightbars, grill lights etc)
- Livery customisation for police (designed as the first step for planned future vehicle customization options, including liveries for the other departments)

July update:

- Vehicle lights pattern and colour customisation

It won’t be long until we reveal the full Q3 2020 roadmap, so keep an eye out for that! It’ll be an exciting one.

June 2020 Patch Notes

  • Lightbar customization for player vehicles, available at Vehicle Selection menu (remember you can rotate the vehicle in-menu by holding right mouse button and dragging)
  • Livery selection menu for police cars (base system for future Vehicle Customization)
  • Additional lightbar models
  • Rambar for police Vic car
  • Vehicle IDs and order in menu changed


  • Vehicle menu changed to mouse navigation

The Flashing Lights Team

FL SmokeFan1

FL SCBA Carry1

FL EMS stretcher

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