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New night time mode, plus plenty of spooky surprises!

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Hello all,

Flashing Lights' October 2019 update is here, and it's a spooky one!

A night time mode has now been introduced, accessible via the in-game settings when setting up a game! Additionally, some spooky surprises have been added to celebrate Halloween - try running with a patient on a stretcher and letting go... or perhaps try approaching an NPC with a chainsaw and see what happens...

All new features in this update are here to stay for good, so there's no need to worry about them being removed after Halloween.

For now, you can select night mode as an option in the settings, but we do plan to eventually introduce a dynamic day/night cycle.

Steam Halloween Sale

Flashing Lights is now discounted for a limited time in the Steam Halloween Sale!

Full Patch Notes


- Night time option now available in game settings
- Additional lanterns at police, fire and EMS stations added
- Added ability to put suspects in police vehicle trunks
- Stretcher now drops out of ambulance if driven with back doors open (single player only for now!)
- Sprint with the stretcher and then let go to give patients a ride
- NPCs are now injured when attacked with chainsaw and/or axe
- Pedestrians start running if shots fired in area or are being approached with active chainsaw


- Fire wind correction
- Fire smoke particle flicker fixed
- Terrain adjustments for locations around the city to prevent driving under the map
- Fixed a game freeze while climbing on ladder truck rear and clicking on ladder control at same time
- Player vehicle emergency light brightness adjustments
- Player vehicle interior static dashboard lights altered
- Police SUV could get stuck in lampposts when hit in high speeds - this is now fixed
- Minor adjustments for ladder control UI
- Chainsaw and axe cut animation no longer appear when used on doors, trunks etc
- Axe is no longer held like a shotgun
- Axe swing animation added
- Spawning or pushing stretcher in water without holding it, could lead to issues with the countdown UI - this is now fixed

There's much more to come in 2019 and beyond - check out the roadmap for more details:

The Flashing Lights Team

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