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The original map has been removed, and the new one expanded.

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Hello all,

Flashing Lights' new map update is out now for you all to play!

This is a substantial update which expands the new map with new props and buildings, plus new areas: 2 suburbs, 2 rural towns, marina, hill, desert and farm fields! We've also introduced a new vegetation system and a new gas station model/design, which you can find at 11 locations around the new map.

This update also ports all remaining callouts from the old map to the new, adds a night time mode to the new map and fixes a bunch of bugs.

With the new map now expanded, more optimised and up to date on callouts, we've removed the original map*. Finally switching over fully to the new map is a major milestone for Flashing Lights, and we wouldn't be here today without you all. We also want to give a special shout out to those of you who tested this update on the unstable branch and offered valuable feedback and bug reports.

*The original map has been removed from the main version of the game - however, the previous version of the game with the old map remains available on a separate Steam branch. If you wish to access this, simply head to your Steam Library, right click on Flashing Lights, select 'properties', click on the beta tab and select 'Old_Map' from the drop down menu.

While we're happy to offer the old map as an additional option, we sadly will not be supporting and updating it from now on - instead we will be focusing entirely on the new map.

Dev Vlog

To celebrate the release of this exciting update, we have a brand new dev vlog for you. Hear from Flashing Lights developer Nils Jakrins on where the game is at the moment and what he has planned for the future:

Full Update Notes
- New map expanded with new props and buildings + new areas - 2 suburbs, 2 rural towns, marina, hill, desert and farm fields
- Traffic on highways
- Highway signs with directions
- Night time added, toggle in menu before launching session
- AI EMS, tow pick up and AI police van prisoner transport re-added within city limits
- Graphics settings updated with resolution and quality level options
- New gas station models and design introduced with a total of 11 locations around the new map
- New vegetation system for the new map
- Locations added to the new map ready for future additional city expansion
- Full map texture updated with grid numbers
- New clouds and volumetric light (adjust in Settings>Graphics)
- Old map removed

Callouts Ported to New Map

Police Department
1000 = Shoplifting
1001 = Armed Robbery
1002 = Person with Gun
1003 = Mugging
1004 = Fight in progress
1005 = Suspicious Activity
1006 = Reported intoxicated persons
1007 = Missing person
1008 = Aggressive Driver
1009 = Drunk Driver
1010 = Officer Needs Assistance
1011 = Bring suspect to Court
1012 = Escaped convict vehicle incident
1013 = Arsonist
1014 = Vehicle parked without permit
1015 = Vehicle blocking driveway or access

Fire Department
2000 = Structure Fire
2001 = Dumpster Fire
2002 = Vehicle Fire
2003 = Structure Fire with Possible Entrapment
2004 = Road blocked
2005 = Cat in tree
3000 = Motor Vehicle Collision
1013 = Arsonist

3000 = Motor Vehicle Collision
3001 = Unconscious person
3002 = Hit and Run, Possible Bone Fracture
3003 = Gunshot wound
1012 = Escaped convict vehicle incident


- Frame drop spikes reduced which was caused by CAD and pedestrians
- More optimizations for the new map: texture compression adjustments
- CAD fixes for registering players joining/leaving missions
- Pedestrians can be hit by vehicles
- Grid loading system improvements
- EMS players no longer get stuck when interacting with downed NPC who were hit or shot, not related to EMS missions
- CAD adjustment for join/leave function
- AI traffic obstacle detection and braking adjustments
- AI traffic now adjust their speed for different speed zones
- Sedan FTA interior dashboard icons
- Fuel nozzle location for sedan FTA updated
- Emergency lights brightness increased
- Fire department garage doors and interior lights added
- Loading screen images
- Role menu screen images
- Voice chat adjustments
- Texture optimizations
- Language system updated

We're aiming to release some bug fixes before the end of the year. Watch out for the next roadmap, which will be revealed in January.

Thanks again for all of your support, and we hope you enjoy playing on the new map!

The Flashing Lights Team

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