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Flashing Lights' new update is here - happy holidays!

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Hello all,

A new update for Flashing Lights is out now! This update starts off with a brand new interior for the hospital. You can now walk through the front doors and explore the ER.

We have also brought back some festive cheer to Flashing Lights, adding a Christmas tree in central park, festive hats, and also a chance for your cones or flares to turn into presents.

Full Update Notes

- Hospital update with interior
- Christmas hats for players and Christmas tree in central park
- Optional snow effect for the camera, turn it on and off with chat command /snow
- Random possibility to spawn Christmas present prop by placing Cones or Road Flares


- AI traffic spawning range adjusted (city vs highways)
- Adjustments made when getting out of a car to prevent falling though ground
- Request Transport menu for downed AI ped/suspect no longer gets stuck
- Fixed NPC sliding or disappearing when player grabbed them out of vehicle
- Character no longer continues to burn after being revived
- Fixed an issue where calling for a Tow pickup would sometimes skip target vehicle and spawned a pedestrian instead
- Addressed issues with police callouts not clearing
- Missing person mission [ID 1007] should no longer end prematurely
- Updated vehicle trunk props
- Adjusted render distance for props depending on Prop spawn settings in Graphics menu
- Speed sign fixed in area 38-9

Watch out in January, when we plan to announce the next Flashing Lights roadmap!

We wish you all a happy holidays and a wonderful new year.

Flashing Lights Team

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