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Backroundscrolling and Difficultyprogression within Stages in the upcomming ShMup Cyberpunk 3776.

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Cyberpunk 3776

It is a classic Arcade ShMup Sidescroller, a psychedelic lunatic Cyberpunk Novel taking Place at the postapocalyptic Earth while fighting a lost battle against an Alien Invasion. A very dark, hopeless hypnotic nightmare.

While working on the Backroundlayer handeling I implemented a second parallax Layer to give the overall apearance more depth. Let me know whats your opinion is on this Topic.


Beside of the pure visual aspect there is something more I want to share. While experimenting with the difficulty progression from Stage to Stage leaving the health/damage numbers a side for a while, I realized that just increasing overall gamespeed is a very limited option and very soon feels unfair since the player just cant hold up with it and dies frequently. It isnt undoable but it's allso really very limited. Working with the Backrounds I realized changing the scrolling speed of the Backround can really change the perception of the scene. As faster it goes the more stressfull, hektik and difficult the game appears - even if the enemy speed stays just the same. So beside other ingredience I will mix this "changable Backround Speed" in my difficulty progression settings and all so use it as an option for presentation. You can already see it in Action as the Player leaves the Stage after surviving the Stage Boss. Drop me a line with you thougths :-)

You can give the Game a try here: Cyberpunk 3776 Demo


If you like the game please consider sharing it on your favorit Network since I need all the help I can get to justify the huge amount of time I spend with development.

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