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Post news RSS Update |14: Development during January 2020

A summary of the actions that were taken during January 2020 as to move the game closer toward fulling releasing it.

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We are accelerating toward the conclusion of the game and reach the point where we will be leaving Early Access and launch the game in its final version.

For this reason we have thought that rather that making announcements based on some features, to focus on showing what has changed in the course of the last month.
Since this is the first of this new formats, we will probably bring a couple of things that were introduced during December.

1. A clear example of hard closing a game can be, and when you try to close a bug that was making the box displacement shaggy, only to find that in the process you have reopened two bugs long time ago closed.

2. Fine tuning some visual details to bring the game visuals to a more immersive level of details, by integrating some cloud movements that will cast some shadows on the level.
In the current view, yo can see the clouds with different shapes and speeds (based on the z axis) overflying the level.

3. Some tests being done to improve the feeling of velocity while moving the game characters.
Using Unity Post Processing version 2, we are updating in realtime the effects for the motion blur and for the depth of field as to blur everything in the background based on the speed of the character, and restauring them as the speed decrease to an halt.

4. The boxes mechanics have been giving us several problems over the course of the development, and in several occasions, although we thought that every had been correctly implemented, some strange conditions within the game eventually ended generating inconsistent feedback from the boxes.

5. Although the characters are not seen from a very close range, we always thought that it could bring an enhanced empathy if we would be able to implement some face animations. This what we have done because we think that little details count a lot in a game.

6. The combat system has been evolving too, both from a point of view of direct attacks as the feedback of all the strikes.

7. As to better balance the difficulty level, introducing the Yari samurai, a type of samurai that throws his spear fiercely.

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