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This update defines the final version of the game, it has added an overall leaderboard of the best players, added more variations to the main menu and added Steam trading cards.

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Hello everyone, finally after a long journey we have reached the final version of the game, first I would like to thank all the players who gave a vote of confidence and purchased the game in early access and especially those who provided valuable feedback. With that, you enabled the progress of the project up to this point.

This update is more symbolic with few additions, as the game has been completed throughout its early access. And speaking of early access, below is the summary list of all the additions that were made in early access:

- Added 50 new levels.
- Added 55 new blocks.
- Added 3 new objects in the level editor.
- Added collectible stars in all levels of the main campaign.
- Added logic mode and made various improvements to it later.
- Added a step-by-step tutorial for logic mode.
- Added support for Steam Leaderboard.
- Added a set of Steam achievements.
- Added Steam trading cards.
- Added a window that shows the records and contraptions that beat those records.
- Added a Steam Workshop trending window.
- Added several improvements to the level editor.
- Added several improvements to the build mode.
- Added several small improvements to the game in general.
- Added “cheat” modes for fun.
- Reworked the sandbox level.
- Fixed several bugs.

Update 1.0:

In this specific update, an overall leaderboard of the best players of the main campaign has been added that shows the players who most conquered the best times, smallest complexities, smallest blocks and smallest weights.

u100 1

In addition, other interactions with contraptions have been added to the main menu.

u100 2

Also was added the possibility to use fullscreen without borders (borderless) in the options menu. It has been modified when completing a level so that it is no longer necessary to wait to send the score to Steam to perform other actions. And other minor issues were fixed.


As mentioned before, the final version will not mean the end of the project, any bugs will be fixed and new content will still be added.

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img 2

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Summary update note:

- Added an overall leaderboard of the best players in the main campaign.
- Added other interactions with contraptions in the main menu.
- Added the ability to use borderless fullscreen in the options menu.
- Added Steam trading cards.
- Modified when completing a level so that it is no longer necessary to wait to send the score to perform other actions.
- Fixed issue of not saving quick inventory anymore after resetting it to default.
- Fixed the level red target not working properly in replay mode.
- Fixed issue of placing the two parts of the extendable bar in the same position.

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