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We have to explain some things in order to continue with the Fear in Hands development.

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I know that everybody is excited to play Fear in Hands, but we have to explain some things in order to continue with the development of the mod. Yeah, not bad news, but some clarifications of what will be our next step. First of all, we will not make Fear in Hands until we have done developing Canis Lupus. This is the super important new. We are not dying with this project (once again, I have to say that because a lot of people is asking if the mod still is alive. Yes... I´M STILL ALIVE).

Second and most important, we´ve updated the main story... Take a look at this.

The story is set during the beggining of the 22th Century, in the City of Brenenburg, when Daryon, a bankrupt detective became desesperated to find his disapeared wife, searching every corner deeply, begging for a clue and being convinced that no one can stop him, he only stops when he figures out that all of his effort is just futile. He start to get drunk, to frequent bars. The only thing that he didn´t tried is to end his meangless life, all because of his adorable daughter, Sofia, with his now ex-wife, Natália Wolfinger.

2 years later, when he is trying to forget everything that lead him to total failure, going again to a bar to drink the famous Amnesia Potion we use to know as a beer, getting back home he notices a paranormal activity in the top level of his house. He sees a shadow with his daughter, but he can see well because of his drunkenness, he starts running to get your daughter, get in the car and go to a fast walk, trying to save his poor Sofia. Nothing could go wrong, except a car accident in the
thoroughfare of the outskirts of Brennenburg City... He wakes up in a forest, bleeding, destined to die... With no memory... Only allucinations of a man with a gas masks, holding the hand of girl... A hand trembling with fear... with fear in hands...

something.... seems.... strange....

If you want more info about Canis Lupus, visit GameJolt

TheUnbeholden - - 3,617 comments

Hmm this is to be expected, I await eagerly regardless.

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BlasterLizardCo Author
BlasterLizardCo - - 614 comments

Thank You very much! You will be able to find here new info about the game situation very soon!

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