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Post news RSS Update 0.34 – New levels and blocks

In this update 5 new levels and 8 new blocks were added.

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Hello everyone, in this update, 5 new levels have been added with the theme of zero gravity.

u34 1

The liquid propellant tank block was added to provide extra fuel for the thruster blocks. A small solid fuel rocket was also added.

u34 2

A set of screen blocks have been added. With these screens and using the logic mode it is possible to show different values of several blocks.

u34 3

Finally, a speed sensor was added, capable of measuring the individual speed of each axis, and an LED block, which can be controlled by a button or by the logic mode.

u34 gif

u34 img 1

u34 img 2

u34 img 3

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Summary update note:

- Added 5 new levels.
- Added 8 new blocks.
- Modified the model of the screen speedometer block.
- Added the possibility to change the strength of the stabilizer block.
- Fixed an issue with crashing the game when loading contraptions with corrupted information.

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