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Here is the new update. It is focused on night battles and updates the UI visual style. This will be last free public release, excluding bug fixes.

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This will be last free public release, except bug fixes. Until Early Access stage, newer versions will only be available to patrons.


  1. Night battles. The previously created fog-based visibility system has been supplemented with light-based visibility.NightTime
    • Searchlights have been added to all ships. They can be used at night to illuminate enemy ships, but they also reveal the ship to enemies when turned on.Searchlights wandering
    • At night, fire on the deck now increases the illumination of the affected ship.
    • The ‘Time of day’ selector on the ‘Custom Battle’ screen has been unlocked.
  2. UI has been updated to dark steel style.DarkUI
  3. The crew can now leave the ship due to heavy losses. Resistance to this depends on crew training level and the bravery of commanders.
  4. Minor graphics updates.
    • Ship shadows have been turned on.Shadows
    • Reflections of ship hulls in the water have been turned on for high quality graphics presets.
    • Minor changes have been made to the rendering post-processing profile.
  5. Many bugs have been fixed.

Naval Hurricane 0 05a

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