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EEVEE_merge8 branch of UPBGE blender fork needs help !

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Hello all,
I use a game engine - blender game engine
it was pulled out of the new blender


the engine was removed from blender in the 2.8 project but there is a large community of people that love it,

a friend did his best restoring it, but it still needs work

we are prepared to pay the right person to work on it,
right now key issues are.

1. Animations can be played but not blended

2. BPY is required for standalone mode as now you can affect the running scene with it and it's required to do many things.

3. armatures added to the scene don't play animations

if anyone wants to help for free that would be great,
but if anyone is a pro who thinks they can fix this we would also like to pay them if they require.

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