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Post news RSS Unity Progress: Starting Object Creation and Fixed Issues

Just a bit of an update on how the game is progressing so far.

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At the current moment, the Unity Recreation of the game is slow.
But it's picking up speed, and fast.
For Starters, I fixed the issue where you could see through walls in the build. That was a relief as I didn't know how to fix it at first.
Secondly, I downloaded a program to create 3D models in, and I've begun to design 3D models for the game.
These include;
1. Light fixtures
2. Doors
3. Railings
4. Staircases
5. Miscellaneous Objects (Shelves, Boxes, etc.)
Later on, nearing completion of level design, these will be made;
1. Creature Models
2. Player Model
3. NPC Models (For Cutscenes)
4. Miscellaneous Models
I did a test run just to be sure no hard work would go to waste and found that it worked.
Other than this, I've removed the hand and gun models and we will be making our own.
Those will be a placeholder if anything for now.
Textures for the game will be worked on but later on. For now we have placeholder textures and some are stretched and look bad in-game (When I test that is; There is no game release yet.)
Ambient Lighting will be messed with and brought down lower, and the level hallways will have much more design to them from models I create.
For now, there's a lot to be done still before ANY demo is released from the Unity recreation, however I'll keep the FPSC version up until then to give new visitors to the game something to mess with, and will keep regular updates on the game models and so on for now.
There's a lot coming your way in February, and if I keep working there should be something ready for you guys in no time.
Thanks for keeping up to date with this game, I appreciate every single one of you that keeps looking into this.
And, as always,
Stay classy, Folks.

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