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First teaser of Twin Soul - game from Silent Hill: Alchemilla creators.

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Hello all!

This is our first teaser of Twin Soul - game from Silent Hill: Alchemilla creators on Unreal Engine 4.

Gameplay: Coop survival horror. Players trying to survive against monsters, which can be killed or avoided. The main goal is not to kill a monster, cause they are really strong and can easily kill players even if they have guns and bullets. Each monster has their weak side. By learning monster`s behavior players can find how to act in each situation. Some monster can hear very well but barely see a thing in a meter. Other monster - can see very well, but hear almost nothing

Setting and Style: A big accent in the game focused on its atmosphere. We were inspired by games of Team Silent, art of Giger, David Lynch films. Players are placed in russian reality, post USSR times. Our protagonists are dead and they didnt get in Heaven or Hell, they are stuck in Purgatory. Their souls are trying to find the exit. Our heroes trying to find out why they are here, they traveling the world of fear and social problems.

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