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This time we bring you the last planned major feature in the form of one last turret.

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Hello everyone! This week we just about wrapped up all the planned major features of the game, having essentially all turrets and enemies sorted out! Not only that, but we also messed a little with other turrets, so their roles are all clearer and better defined!

The arrow turrets, first off, stay more or less the same. Their role as burst damage monsters and snipers to take down dangerous enemies quickly was well defined and we felt like no changes were needed other than numerical ones.

The shotgun turrets changed a fair bit. Their original supercharge was geared towards big bursts of damage but that was because we failed to understand how to make the original concept work. That is no longer the case! Now their supercharge actually widens the angle of its spread while increasing the bullets fired. This seems like it'd make it very weak, but to meet its role of whittling down enemy health bars and weakening them for other turrets, supercharged bullets now apply a burn effect to enemies to make them take some damage over time and getting them nice and low on health for the next line of defense.

The wave turret was originally meant to have a wider projectile, but we figured that there was a better way to use it. We decided that it served our design better if we made the projectile stand vertically while extending its range, making this turret perfect for taking on incoming lines. When it hits an enemy with the supercharge it'll make that enemy explode after a short delay, dealing damage to every enemy around it. This turret is fantastic at not only shredding groups of weak enemies, but also barrier enemies that are protecting many of them at the same time.

Lastly, the machine gun turret is a fast firing turret that is meant for sustained dps, the very thing other turrets aren't capable of with their long reload times. The MG turret fires fast and hard, relentlessly shredding through enemies that make their way to it. Its supercharge makes it fire even faster with each of its shots amplifying the damage the hit enemy takes for a time. Fire off all the supercharged shots into a single enemy and watch them get melted by some of your other turrets.

From this point on we're going to focus on visuals, sounds, implementing new levels, and things of that sort, so we hope you've enjoyed this last look at the planned major gameplay elements of this game! As always, be sure to follow us on twitter, you'd be doing us a huge favor!

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