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A huge progress was made since my last update and an awesome trailer!

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A huge progress was made since my last update... The first part of the game is finally done, Hangar. Right now some people are playing it and looking for bugs or problems. The reception for this first part was very good and all of them said the same thing which made me happy: "It's fu***ing scary".

Due to my last year of high school, progress has been slowing down but after this reception, I'm pretty happy and doing all of my best to work on this game.

I'm thinking about releasing a demo version maybe on the halloween but it all depends on how much it will be done until there.

And to show some work here's a trailer for the game i've made, hope you all enjoy!

Guest - - 695,402 comments

Wow this game looks intense. I'll probably spend an eternity beating this game between playing this for 5 minutes and watching cat videos to keep my nerves intact. looking good!

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XENGaming101 - - 4 comments

Wow..looks great

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ATOMICKIWI - - 4,115 comments

brick will be shat

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847AM - - 50 comments

Copyright Heroes Crepypasta edition kkkkk '-' I waiting a cool game -tracking*

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SPY-maps - - 2,907 comments

Like this trailer, looks really nice!
And i love the Eduke32 engine.
I assume you will release this game for free and not sell it, i say this because at 0:31 minutes in this trailer i seem to recognise a monster from Doom3.
Don't get me wrong, i don't complain, i just thought that i should mention that should you want to sell it then you need to change that monster otherwise you will get trouble with ID.


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marcolino123 Author
marcolino123 - - 113 comments

I can't sell it not just because of that monster but because the license from eduke32 doesn't allow anyone to sell it!! But I don't like to sell my ideas too!

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