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Post news RSS Thief Town Dev Update - 2/10/2014

Lots of progress has been made over the past week!

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Thief Town Development Update!

We have made a lot of progress this week. Below is a summary of what's been done.

Between Round Screen

Controller Support
I spent most of this week implementing the game's controller support, which is *almost* set up. When a Windows/Mac/Linux version of the game launches, it detects any connected controllers and prompts the player to press 'start' to add others. This lets players play local games with up to three others. Local and LAN play is set up dynamically, so a game can be set up with, for instance, two Android users playing against a computer with two players on it.

The main gameplay difference between playing on a computer with one local player and multiple is that you are no longer highlighted on the screen. Players will have to experiment by moving around to figure out who they are each round. It is a little annoying, but unavoidable.

Currently the game is built for Xbox360 controls, however if I get any requests to implement others I would be happy to do so. Since PS3 controllers work better when emulating the Xbox anyway, I figured it wasn't worth it to specifically implement them.

Movie Filter & Font
On the art side of things, the game now has an old-timey projector filter over it, which adds a lot of movement to the screen and adds a lot to the wild west vibe. I've also replaced all of the big text with a new pixellated-western font that fits the game perfectly.
I've also added a slight 'jitter' effect that slightly darkens/lightens all of the sprites every frame. This helps to make the game look almost like it's being projected.

Click the gif below if you want to see some of these changes (*You need to click 'HD Version' to watch it):

Between Round gif

Upcoming Changes
This week I'll be adding the sandstorm, patching up bugs, and starting the standoff-style sudden death matches. We are also working on a redesign of the Saloon, featuring a much more zoomed in camera and better visuals. Hopefully I'll be able to show off the new graphics next week.

See y'all soon!

cocomendes - - 181 comments

Awesome, I cant wait for a Demo or a pre-alpha :3

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Chet_Rippo Author
Chet_Rippo - - 7 comments


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