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The Whipper(still in development ) is a spiritual successor to 1991's Super Castlevania IV. It's not a 100% recreation of Castlevania 4's mechanics. Some things are the same, but others are tweaked or completely overhauled. I've also added some mechanics that didn't exist in Supervania. This article presents you with graphics updates on Stage 1 and new combat mechanics.

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It's been a while since I last wrote about my game.

A lot of progress has been made.

regular attack whipperregular attack sv4

I'll just let the gifs do the talking (for the most part).


1. There's a scrolling background now.


It has 5 layers (clouds are the 5th).


2. I also added some interactive trees.



3. Stage 1 will be a village.

house 2

So I made a few houses.

house 1

They cast shadow on you.

house 3

I also made an 'AgeOfEmpires'-esque tower.


4. Most enemies will have dismemberment physics.

ezgif 4 98754b6df2e8

Let me zoom that in for you:

2 2

This is a bird enemy from the tutorial stage.

bird kill

5. Eventually I developed a throwing mechanic.

throw sword

Initially, you could throw body parts as well.

throw head

But it looked ridiculous and made the FPS go way down.

throw body

Now you can only throw weapons. Limbs get destroyed.

kill stuff

Combat is still good fun though.

Thank you for making it this far. The article is almost over.

continious attack sv4

My recap is this:

What started as a game with the initial purpose of just recreating the eight directional whip of Super Castlevania 4, is now evolving into a brutal game of dismemberment and a mechanic which can use enemies as weapons.

If you wish to see all this explained in greater detail, please check out my YouTube channel

You can also follow me on:




Thank you for your time.

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