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Post news RSS The Wanderer - Bloodlust : Containers, Looting, and UI Updates

Added the ability to loot containers and store items in them and a new item type called bag, which allows you to store a few items into it, extending the inventory size. Along with some UI updates.

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Time for some new content!

UI Updates - Inventory Window and side buttons

Side Buttons

Added Side Buttons for the Settings, Inventory, Character and Crafting windows. All windows can now be easily accessed.

New Inventory Window

Also updated the graphics for the Inventory Window. There is now a gold stash under the stats.

Containers - Looting and storing items

You can now loot and store any item in containers.

Looting a barrel


Looting some gold and a ring from the barrel. You can even directly equip armor from containers.

Gameplay video showing all the new features:


Opening a barrel and the Inventory Window:



New item type - Bag

Implemented an item that is both item and container. It's a bag that you can open and put more items in, increasing your inventory size. You can then close it and move this bag around or drop it on the floor, just like any other item, it will save all the items placed into it, and you can open it later to get them.



You can even put bags in barrels and other containers, they will remember all the items inside them and you can get them back later.


The tool we implemented for populating containers with items from inside the editor:

I usedUIElementsfor the tool.

It was hard cause there is no proper documentation on it. But there is a test project that showcases some of the stuff and that really helped. It's basically a new UI System for the editor.

UIElements, a new UI system for the editor - Unite LA

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Starting out was mostly using a field where you could place your item. As of this being adevsonly tool the items do not take up multiple slots and can override each other but as we know what is the size of the items we can place them so they have space.


When I finished, it had a field for an item and text field where you could write how many (in a stack). But as we needed more control over the item I started working on an editing system where you could edit specific properties of an item without modifying the actual item file. So you no longer had the text for stacking in the corner. You had a button which would open a window for editing.

4 1

Editing the stack numbers & durability:


And yes it's possible to open a bag (container) inside of another container with the tool.


Opening it:


Final result - Populated container from inside the editor:


--Ppreda, the programmer.

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