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In the interest of generating awareness, and maybe even funding, for the treehouse project, (which has yet to find a real name), a mobile off-shoot of the project is in development: Flutter Bombs.

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Given the time it will take to continue to build this environment and virtual world, compatible with VR and all, I've created a mini-project that uses many of the assets, but ported for mobile. The style of the mobile game is a classic top-down twin-stick shooter with air-to-air and ground-to-air arena style combat.

It started with a sketch including basic game logic and arena layout:

Flutter Bombs - Initial Sketch

These elements were then modeled in 3d studio after testing the scale and arena area. I was also able to implement several assets from the original content created for the PC environment:

Flutter Bombs - 3d build-out

Once the layout was established in 3d studio, I began to merge and port components into UDK including the setup of mobile materials:

Flutter Bombs - UDK construction

After a few days of programming, a top-down twin-stick shooter is almost at an alpha stage. Toward the beginning of this movie clip you can see an ice moth getting taken out with very little resistance. The wing-set dropped does nothing at the moment other than restore health/nectar, but eventually it will equip more advanced weapons/wing-sets which will be needed for new enemies as the game level's up over time:

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